Project Proposal: IndE-Books



IndE-Books is a creative platform established by B3, in partnership with Fogenetic Studios and Universal Phoenix Group. This platform focuses on empowering indie content creators and providing them with a space to showcase their work and IP. Through a combination of interactive community building and unique product offerings, IndE-Books aims to carve out a niche in the future of digital books and products across Web3 and beyond.

Key Offerings:

  • Diverse Digital Products: Offering a variety of genres and content spanning a wide demographic of enthusiasts and target markets, including e-comics, audio, and e-books.
  • Authentication & Database: Ensuring robust content protection and data security through advanced encryption technologies.
  • Cross Marketing and Influencer Partnerships: Leveraging collaborations with influencers, social media campaigns, and strategic partnerships with like-minded brands to amplify the platform’s reach.
  • IndE-versity & Consulting: Providing creators with educational tools and consulting services to enhance their creative journey and protect their intellectual property.

 Project Roadmap:

  • 2024: Launch and initial revenue generation.
  • 2026: User base expansion and diversification.
  • 2028: International expansion and market capture.
  • 2030: Platform growth and monetization of additional services.

Investment and Support:

IndE-Books seeks strategic partnerships, financial backing, and resources to propel the platform’s growth and success. The company is asking for $2 million in funding to expand the platform, onboard more creators, and continue delivering innovative digital content experiences.

Development Team:

Our development team consists of experienced professionals with a passion for creating immersive and memorable online and digital experiences. With expertise in web/app development, game design, art, and storytelling, we are committed to delivering a high-quality product that exceeds users’ expectations. 



In closing, IndE-Books presents an exciting opportunity to revolutionize the digital content landscape. With a diverse range of products spanning ebooks, e-comics, audio, and comic strips, coupled with our commitment to empowering indie content creators, we are poised for success. By offering a seamless payment portal, user-friendly dashboard, and a suite of educational tools through IndE-versity & Consulting, we are not only positioning ourselves for growth but also fostering an inclusive and supportive community. As we embark on this journey, we invite strategic partnerships, financial backing, and resources to propel IndE-Books into its next phase of growth. Join us in shaping the future of digital entertainment.

Project Expenses

  • Financial Needs:
    Investment for platform development, marketing campaigns, and global localization: $2,000,000


  • Resource Needs:
    Talent acquisition, strategic partnerships, and infrastructure enhancement: Budget allocation of $700,000


  • Support for Growth:
    Implementation of scaling strategies, mentorship programs, and networking initiatives.


  • Strategic Partnerships:
    Collaborations with publishing houses, educational institutions, and digital influencers: Seeking $1,300,000 investment from strategic partners

Total: $2,000,000

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