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High Flyer Released
Krypto Kronic's High Flyer, initially released on PC, has now been published on Android and Amazon Firestick. B3's initial game brings the storyline of Krypto Kronicles and the Noidz to a scroller game experience. Krypto Kronic High Flyer is the ultimate in high flying fun! Help the Noidz escape Cyberia & See how far you can get in the Jungles of CBG!
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STEAM Dreams
Coming Soon
From the labs of STEAM Teams Academics comes an exciting new IP called STEAM Dreams. The much anticipated release brings this educational adventure front and center with plans for a Q3 2023 drop. Unlock characters in this RPG school quest and stay tuned for all the latest on the Dreamers and STEAM Dreams.
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Poplock N Shock
Under Dev
B3 has teamed up with Digital Dance Culture and Universal Phoenix Group to create the next generation of dance gaming and entertainment experience with Boogaloo Shrimp's PopLock N Shock. The project began development in Q1 2023 and is slated for a 2024
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