Krypto Kronic


About Opening Night Krypto Kronic® is a Cannabis-themed NFT, Gaming and Marketplace project initially launching on the Solana platform.

High Flyer

Mobile Gaming | PC Gaming​

Krypto Kronic High Flyer is the ultimate in high flying fun! Help the Noidz escape Cyberia & See how far you can get in the Jungles of CBG!

Steam Dreams

Mobile & Pc Gaming | Comics | Animation

Unlock characters in this RPG school quest and stay tuned for all the latest on the Dreamers and STEAM Dreams.

Poplock N Shock​

Mobile, PC & console Gaming | arpg | metaverse

Poplock N Shock recreates the nostalgia of Break Dancing's most iconic figure, Michael Boogaloo Shrimp, who must dance, fight and navigate the tough streets of various cities in an ARPG format. This one is packed with surprise features of some of Street Dance's most celebrated legends and stars.

Sol Dance


Residing in AR (After Reality), Solomon Powers is on a mission to find himself and only dance can communicate the past. Sol Dance brings the message of No Dance No Life through a historical and futuristic multiverse of Street Dance chronicles and narratives captured via NFTs and gaming integration.

Digital Dancer

mobile ar Gaming | nft | metaverse

Digital Dancer is a reboot of the Memphis Jookin AR Dancer mobile app, which successfully launched as the world’s first ever AR/Augmented Reality Street Dance Mobile App on iOS and Android back in 2012. Digital Dancer will live on an undisclosed blockchain and will involve NFTs and integration into gaming and the Metaverse.

Tales of the Immortals

mobile ar Gaming | nft | metaverse

Tales of the Immortals is an IP based on Swords & Scales, which is a tale of danger and adventure as represented by the Sword. It is also a tale of choices and destiny as represented by the Scales. B3 is ecstatic to partner with Fogenetic Studios to bring this Match 3 experience to the market.