Project Proposal: Krypto Kronic



Krypto Kronic is a project that blends technology, creative content production, and business development within the digital entertainment industry. We aim to bring innovation to the crypto-cannabis landscape, shaping its future through NFT collections, utility tokens, and immersive experiences.

Krypto Kronic Evolutionz NFTs:

Our NFTs provide access to exclusive content, storylines, and rewards. We combine NFTs, comics, and gaming to create immersive experiences in the crypto-cannabis and digital entertainment realms.


  • Seedz NFTs: The first collection in the Evolutionz NFTs series.
  • Sproutz NFTs: The second collection in the series.
  • Budz NFTs: The third collection in the series.

These collections offer access to different portions of the Krypto Kronicles Book 1, with unique art and stories.


Our native utility token enables seamless transactions and staking opportunities within the Krypto Kronic ecosystem.

Project Roadmap:

  • 2024: Launch and Initial Revenue Generation.
  • 2026: User Base Expansion and Diversification.
  • 2028: International Expansion and Market Capture.
  • 2030: Monetization of Additional Services

Development Team:

Our development team consists of experienced professionals with a passion for creating immersive and memorable gaming experiences. With expertise in game design, programming, art, and storytelling, we are committed to delivering a high-quality product that exceeds players’ expectations.



Krypto Kronic is positioned to disrupt and innovate within the burgeoning crypto gaming and NFT market. Our Evolutionz NFT collections, Terps Token, and innovative High Flyer v2 platform underscore our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment. With a market analysis revealing significant growth opportunities and strategic partnerships in place, we are poised for success. As we embark on our roadmap, which includes international expansion and user base diversification, we invite investors and partners to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we will shape the future of gaming and NFTs in the metaverse.

Project Expenses

  • Financial Needs:
    Funding for game development, marketing strategies, and expansion into new markets: $2,000,000


  • Resource Needs:
    Recruitment of specialized talent, establishment of key partnerships, and infrastructure upgrades: Budget set at $500,000


  • Support for Growth:
    Implementation of scalable solutions, mentorship from industry veterans, and fostering strategic alliances.


  • Strategic Partnerships:
    Engagements with leading gaming studios, blockchain experts, and influential figures in the crypto community: Targeting $1,500,000 investment from strategic partners

Total: $2,000,000

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