Project Proposal: Sol Dance



Sol Dance is a groundbreaking digital platform that merges the world of street dance culture with blockchain technology, NFTs, gaming, and storytelling. It offers a rich and immersive experience for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, seamlessly blending cultural education and archives with innovative digital assets.

Key Offerings:

  • Unique Digital Assets: Sol Dance provides exclusive digital assets tied to the captivating Radiotron storyline, allowing users to own a piece of the Sol Dance universe.
  • An expansive online repository dedicated to preserving the vibrant history of street dance and offering in-depth insights into various street dance styles.
  • Community Building: Engaging activities such as dance-offs, trivia challenges, and mini-games foster camaraderie and turn users into brand ambassadors.
  • Cross-Chain Brilliance: By integrating multiple blockchain networks, Sol Dance ensures universal accessibility and a global presence in the competitive NFT landscape.

 Project Roadmap:

  • 2025 – Launch Alpha Site; Drop 1000 NFTs for 1960s; SPOW Token Launch
  • 2026 – Release New Features on site; Drop Next Decade NFTs
  • 2027 – Digital Dancer and DDT (Digital Dance Token) Release; 
  • 2030 – Multiple NFT Drops; New Products

Development Team:

Our development team consists of experienced professionals with a passion for creating immersive and memorable gaming experiences. With expertise in game design, programming, art, and storytelling, we are committed to delivering a high-quality product that exceeds players’ expectations.



SolDance stands at the intersection of culture, technology, and creativity, offering a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of street dance in a digital realm. With products like, Endorsement & Sponsorship programs, and captivating NFT collections, we are poised to redefine the way people engage with dance and cultural heritage. As we embark on our roadmap, including the launch of the Digital Dance Token and expansion into comics and animations, we invite investors and partners to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we will dance towards a future where cultural expression knows no bounds.

Project Expenses

  • Financial Needs:
    Capital for content creation, marketing endeavors, and cultural outreach initiatives: $4,500,000
  • Resource Needs:
    Acquisition of top-tier talent, formation of impactful partnerships, and modernization of technological infrastructure: Budgeting $1,000,000
  • Support for Growth:
    Deployment of scalable frameworks, mentorship opportunities for budding talent, and cultivation of robust industry connections.
  • Strategic Partnerships:
    Collaborations with renowned dance academies, cultural organizations, and prominent figures in the entertainment industry: Aiming for $3,500,000 investment from strategic partners

Total: $4,500,000

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